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I haven't really got much to say to be honest, apart from that I submitted TMA3, and so that is me done for the summer. In actuality, I submitted my TMA about 3 weeks ago but it has taken a while for me to get around to update this blog. ! It wasn't my favourite TMA of all time as there was a lot of report writing; I much prefer practical work.  I have now got the summer free from studying but I can't go or do much because of the lockdown.

I have, however, enrolled on a little IT course on One Education it deals with IT management and networking which includes cybersecurity as well, I thought it would keep me busy during the lockdown, I am about halfway through it and then at the end, there is a 40 question test. I am pretty familiar with the majority of the course content, not so much so with the cybersecurity stuff. I found out about One Education from a friend of mine who enrolled on a mechanics course. I had never heard of One education before then.

So, I am now waiting for the results of my TMA, I spoke to my tutor and it turns out that the tutors have longer now to mark them, not the usual two-week window. I assume that once the TMA's are marked, the OU will then work out what our overall module score will be. I am hoping for something over 70%, if it is less than that then I will be a bit disappointed but it will still be a pass as long as its over 40%. I will just have to be patient and wait and see. I re-read my TMA the other day and it looks as though I have covered everything that needs covering, I'm just not too sure about the appendix I only put in one and I don't know if I went into enough detail.

I have had good assignment scores so I should be fine, I can't worry about it as I won't get the result until at least July I would have thought.

I have just finished a Udemy course on the Linux command line (CLI) I have used Linux quite a bit and it is what runs on my home server. The distro flavor I use is Ubuntu Server 18.04.4 LTS I know that version 20.04 is now out, but I will wait a few months before I decide to upgrade. I also have Ubuntu Desktop on my spare Lenovo Thinkpad, it is getting old now but still works well as a dedicated Linux box.

I hope you all have a great summer considering the current crisis, and please stay safe!

James xx


James Fox

3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Glad you have wrapped it up for the summer (me too). Actually did better than I thought I would for TMA 03 so happy with the result.

    As I struggle with report writing this module was like pulling teeth.
    Glad it is over but made some good friends on the way.

  2. So you've already had TMA 03 for TM255 back and marked? that was quick,

    I am going to enroll in TM254 in October and then once that is done I will be onto stage 3.

    I agree with you with your comment about "Pulling teeth" I thought the same tbh.

    1. TT284 and TM357 for me next year. My first level 3 module so a bit nervous about that. But I am hoping that I got 100% in my EMA for TM257, so that would give me a 100% score which would be ace!

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