TM254 is my last module for stage 2. I know I say this every year and then gripe about how uninteresting certain parts of the module are, but I am looking forward to starting it. it's all about managing IT, I did do a little bit of the module last year before I deferred it, so I sort of know what to expect. This module will teach me how to manage IT and I do believe it delves project management as well - something I would like to learn more about, I know that depending on the size of the project there are so many different aspects and milestones to be considered when planning a project, to be honest, in my current job I don't have to worry about project planning, I do, however, look after every day running for the IT systems, we do have a third party IT support company who deals with the running of our server, and they are good people to have if I can't fix an issue.

This module does not have an EMA at the end but instead, an actual exam! (I am not looking forward to that) but I spoke to student support and there are some helpful tips on how to revise and prepare for exams, I will most definitely be looking at that.

On a side note I hope that whoever is reading this (if anyone at all) are looking after their selves and staying safe, 2020 may as well be written off and let's hope that things go back to normal next year - here's to 2021 and it really can't come quick enough. I was speaking with my mum the other day and she has to get busses now as she can not drive anymore. She said that people would wear their masks when they get on the bus, but as soon as they sit down they take it off! What is the bloody point of that? If people just stay safe and wear the appropriate PPE then we have a good,  chance of beating this virus. But I think now people are becoming used to hearing about the virus on the TV or radio and are a bit blase about it which won't help anyone. I hate wearing the masks - I get quite anxious and I can end up having a panic attack or break out in hives, but I have forced my self to wear it when I go into shops because I also want to protect others who I may be in close proximity as long as I'm only in there for about ten minutes I will be fine,  anything after that I will have to just leave the shop and take the mask off, calm my self down and then go back in the shop (sad, but true I'm afraid)

Anyway, I shall leave it there, I hope you are all having a good week so far,  considering all things.




James Fox

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