About Me

Background History

I’m James, I currently live and work in Bristol UK, I was not the ideal student at school and I used to muck around a lot and that was my downfall, I just wanted to have fun more than I wanted to knuckle down and study.

I ended up failing my GCSE’s my highest grade was a ‘D’ nevertheless I still went on to college to study Micro Computer Servicing and Technology (MST) as well as retake GCSE Maths and English. I still failed Maths, but I did get a ‘C’ in English and English Literature. I passed the hardware side of MST but not the theory, I was not good at putting things into words.

When I left college I had a few dead-end jobs and then I ended up getting a job as a trainee computer engineer for Lloyds Bank, but working in their offices in London, I loved that job but it was short-lived as I was not getting any training and they just sort of forgot about me, I was young, 18 at the time and had no idea about the “real world” they then let me go, and again I was back to the beginning and because I had no formal training or any real qualifications I was unable to get another job in the IT industry. I got a job at a pet shop (Pets City) and stayed there for about 12 months and to be honest it was the best year of my life as I made loads of friends there and we were like one big happy family.

Big Change in my life

I met my partner online and he lived in Somerset and I was in Surrey, our relationship moved quickly and before I knew I handed in my notice and then moved to Somerset to be with him, and 21 years later we are still together and now living in Bristol, with our Dog – Mac and Cat – Tom!

Shortly after I moved in I got a job working the night shift in a petrol station in Bridgwater which I hated I had to deal with all the drunks on a Friday and Saturday night and I used to get a lot of abuse so I stayed there for a couple of months and then I got a job in PetsMart in Weston Super Mare and stayed there for about 10 months then they ended up dropping my hours so I could not afford to stay there.

My Partner worked for a breakdown company in Bristol and they had just bought a huge warehouse and they were after a warehouse worker and so I went for the job, the money was a lot more but of course I had to travel from Bridgwater to Bristol and I did not drive at the time so I had to get the train and then cycle from the train station to work! long story short I am still working there and now in my 20th year but I now do a lot more things there, I no longer work in the warehouse not unless I’m needed and I look after their IT to a point as well as accounts, and general admin. I love the people I work with but it’s not really a job where I can progress.

The decision to go back to education

I had been thinking about going back to education for a few years but I was always reluctant to do so as I was scared that I would just not understand anything and end up failing. I’m very good at being self-deprecating and my partner gets annoyed with me when I do that. I spoke to one of my friends who has been through university and he said “Just go for it” and so here I am.

I managed to get student finance and as they say “the rest is history!”

Modules Taken and completed with TMA and Module Scores

Module Code Module Name Assignment Score Module Score
TU100 My Digital Life TMA 01 – 76
TMA 02 – 86
TMA 03 – 63
TMA 04 – 75
TMA 05 – 82
iCMA 51 – 87
iCMA 52 – 89
iCMA 53 – 56
iCMA 54 – 75
iCMA 55 – 82
iCMA 56 – 72
iCMA 57 – 70
Grade 1 Pass 85
Module Code Module Name Assignment Score Module Score
MU123 Discovering Mathematics TMA 01 – 95
TMA 02 – 86
TMA 03 – 72
TMA 04 – 85
iCMA 41 – 100
iCMA 42 – 67
iCMA 43 – 64
iCMA 44 – 56
iCMA 45 – 52
Grade 2 Pass 76
Module Code Module Name Assignment Score Module Score
TM129 Technologies in Practice TMA 01 – 90
TMA 02 – 88
TMA 03 – 88
Grade 3 Pass 66
Module Code Module Name Assignment Score Module Score
TM257 Cisco Networking (CCNA) Part 1 TMA 01 – 99
TMA 02 – 96
Grade 2 Pass 77
Module Code Module Name Assignment Score Module Score
TT284 Web Technologies TMA 01 – 70
TMA 02 – 82
TMA 03 – 63
Grade 2 Pass 82
Module Code Module Name Assignment Score Module Score
TM255 Communications and Information Technology TMA 01 – 71
TMA 02 – 98
TMA 03 – 81
Grade 2 Pass 80
Module Code Module Name Assignment Score Module Score
TM254 Managing IT, The Why, The What, and The How TMA 01 – 86
TMA 02 – 77
TMA 03 – 81
Grade 2 Pass 77