TM254 has now officially started today. I have just had the first tutorial and it seems that block one is fairly gentle but then in block 2 the pace is increased quite dramatically. The TMA for block 2 is double and worth 30% of the OCAS, unlike TMA 1 and 3 which are weighted at 15%. I have just printed off the TMA 1 as I like to do it as I'm studying the block, therefore there is no panicking at the last minute.

My tutor seems to be a nice lady and very well informed - which I guess is what a tutor should be! lol. They recommended to install all the software that is needed well before you need to use it just in case there are issues, luckily, I did not come across any issue when installing and setting up the database. I am looking forward to learning about SQL but that does not happen until block 2 so I still have about 8 weeks or so.

I am so far about a quarter of the way through week 1 which is mainly about services and service management, It quite interesting but there is a lot of reading - Block on seems to be very heavy on the reading! lol

As always I am excited about starting this module but I am sure in the next few weeks I will be moaning about certain parts of it which are only natural, as not everyone will love every aspect of a module - there will always be something that someone will not like about it.

With block one there is a case study about a guy called Ben, who seems like he could not organize a pissup in a brewery! the case study is written as more of a caricature so its light-hearted, he runs a family farm but he wants to try and streamline his operation and allow computers to make things easier for him, anyway, he does not deploy the new systems correctly, and things breakdown and customers are left annoyed, etc.



James Fox

3 thoughts on “TM254 Has started!

  1. Long story short, did not register my reservations as I did not have finance signed off. Now spent 1 week phoning the OU and not being called back. Meanwhile both courses started this weekend.

    I will chase again on Monday but if my luck does not change, 1 year study break. Really depressing thought....

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