Mathematical Journey

I have never been good at maths, at the beginning of the course I found the mathematical side of the module very difficult, I have never had the confidence to learn or try and understand maths, as I have said many times I do not consider my self to be academic. Having said that I am now able to work out what I have to do in terms of calculations, it has been a struggle but I think I may be at a level where I can work things out for my self.

If I go on to a part of the module that requires maths and calculations, I panic a bit but then I will read and re-read the questions or the paragraphs again, when I do this I tend to then understand what I need to do. This page is going to be for me to jot down what I have learned with mathematics and I will also do the calculations here so I don’t forget them and with any luck they should stay in my brain!