I have got my TMA result back, I am pleased to say that I scored 81% which was much better than I thought I would get. I lost most of the points on my main report but I knew that would happen! He said "The introduction was good and gave a good description of Biometrics, but the lead-in to the comparison was a little abrupt" I tend to be abrupt sometimes lol, overall I scored 52 out of 70 for the report and considering that writing reports are not my strong point, I still pleased with that.

I got good feedback from my tutor in general and all of the questions apart from the report question I got full marks, My tutor said that I have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the module material.

As the EMA was cancelled, I still have to wait to see what module grade the OU is going to give me, I think they are basing it on an average of my 3 TMA scores as well as some other factors, I should get my result by the middle of July with any luck!

Hope you have a good summer

James x


James Fox

2 thoughts on “TM255 TMA 3 returned!

  1. Well done James. The report was a killer. Onwards to September.
    Results are out on 21st July.

    PS I was stunned when I landed 97% - but super happy 🙂

    1. Well done with your score mate! I’m torn between weather to just do TM254 on it’s own or combine it with the one of my stage 3 modules. Therefore doing two modules.

      Enjoy your summer mate

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