I haven't written anything on here for a month of so, I have been enjoying the summer, free from any study. It is coming to the end of September and the module website for the two modules I have enrolled in is open.

I have had a look at the Cisco Networking module and as I haven't been assigned a tutor yet I can't really access the learning material as it is on a separate site owned and run by Cisco its self. So in essence, nothing much to write about there!

However, with the module Web Technologies, I can access most, if not all of the learning material. I have read the module guide and I'm about part way through the introduction of the block. I am getting nervous with this module as it requires a lot of code especially HTML and CSS, I learned a bit about HTML in TU100 but it wasn't really in depth, I have enrolled in a free course that starts tomorrow (Saturday 22/09/18, this should hopefully brush up and give me a refresher course in programming.

I can also see and read what the first TMA is going to be for Web Technologies, by the looks of it I have to change some HTML code to work properly and to be able to produce a static webpage, I think that the 3 TMA's collectively will be to arrange and publish a new website for the OURC (Open University Running Club).

Cisco Networking has a compulsary day school which I have to attend in April, and as far as I can see we have a test at the end of that school! I really hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew, for anyone who is actually keeping up with this blog will know that I am always full of self-doubt, I can't help it, I have always been like that and I can't see me changing any time soon.


I have realized that there is so much that goes into computer networking and its not just the case of getting a network switch and a few ethernet cables and computers and plugging them together. it is far more complicated than that, of course, it can also be that simple for, let us say, a home network setup. But for a corporate office setup there is more to consider like how many subnets you need, whether you will use static IP addresses, firewalls, network resources such as file server services and web server services, as well as managing the deployment of applications and software updates.

I think once I start the free programming course I will remember what I have done in terms of HTML and CSS and I am hoping it all comes flooding back to me.

I'm a member for Facebook groups for the Cisco Module and the Web Technologies module, I have also joined the Whatsapp groups as well so I will have plenty of support not forgetting the resources that the OU supply.


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