My two modules started officially on Saturday, I have done some work over the last week as I have been able to access the module material. I have finished the first week on Web technologies and so far it has been ok, just a plethora of information and no practical work yet, so I can't say much about it yet. However, TM257 Cisco Networking is a lot to take in.

I am just over half way through chapter 1 and there is so much to do, The chapter sections are quite long and there are quite a few activities to do that takes a lot of time, also there are Lab sessions to do, the lab I am doing at the moment wants me to search the internet for ISP's that give a convergence service! I don't see why that is even relevant!

I know it may sound like I'm just bitching and whining about how much work I need to do, but on a more serious note, I can't see how I am going to fit it all in as well as work 5 and a half days week.

I have this week off thankfully,  so I am going to be concentrating on getting a good head start on both the modules, I will have to see how it goes and if needs must, I will have to defer one of the modules, I would prefer to add an extra year to my studies than to get bad marks in my assessments and overall module score. So if I have only one module to concentrate on it will take the stress off a bit.

Another plan would have been to start one module in October and then start the second one in February but then I would not next summer off from studying! If I start to get behind on one of the modules I will talk to my tutor and student support to find out what my options are.


James Fox

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