I've been worrying about my module results since I submitted my EMA's over a month ago. I am pleased to say that I have passed so I can now relax and enjoy the rest of the summer!

My results weren't high but they where I thought they might be I was, of course, hoping for a better score. In MU123 (maths)I got a score of 76 which is a good pass rate, and ironically for TM129 (Technologies in Practice) I got a score of 66, which again isn't bad but I was hoping for better. I am rather concerned that my performance record for the EMA in TM129 my lowest scale was in networking, and this is the career I want to get into, I'm not sure at this stage weather that networking may get to hard for me to understand (but I guess I wont know unless I do it) - I'm very good at worrying about things that have not happened yet.

To be honest, I was concentrating more on MU123 and sort of rushed the EMA for TM129, it wasn't my best work but I have passed stage one of my studies and I can now move on to stage two in October. the results I get for stage one do not count towards my final degree but from stage two onwards it does.


I have been studying the program, Cisco Packet Tracer as I'll be using that in TM257, it has been fun and quite a bit of work.


James Fox

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