I have completed both the EMA's for TM257 and TT284, I am quietly confident that I have done fine, well, with TM257 anyway, I am not sure about the other module.

I am having an easy summer and spending some much needed time on my PlayStation, it has been feeling neglected over the past 9 months! I am going to complete the optional course from NetAcad called Cyber Security Essentials, I have done some of it and it is fine, it is just explaining the fundamentals about cyber security and what can be done and should be done to combat cyber criminals. It's only a 30 hours course so it should not take me much time to complete it.

It is less than 2 months before Richard, Nathan and I jet off to New York for 10 days, I can't wait and it will be great fun, I've never been to New York before and I have not been out of the country for 22 years. the last time was to Spain with my father when I was 18! I think what has made us get our passports and book the plane tickets is due to the fact the Richard and I have never been abroad together (If you have not guessed already, I am gay!) and we felt that we have not seen the sights that this wonderful planet has to offer, this is such a big globe and we have not experienced hardly any of it. I have been to America before, When I was 16, my cousin got married in Virginia to an American woman. and they all live in the states.

I will be keeping a little travel blog connected to this site as I think that this is a great place to record what we did in the states, that is of course if I have time. I can log into this site and update it on my phone but the roaming charges are astronomical, I can add a bolt on which will cost me £4.99 a day so I could be looking at a charge of about £50.00 for the whole ten days I am away, having said that I will only be charged if I actually use the data so if I go for a day or two without needing to use it, I wont get charged.

Going back on to the OU modules I will be choosing my new ones in the next couple of months, the ones I have to take seems really interesting, however, having said that, one of the modules has an exam and not an EMA. I really am not looking forward to that.

Ok, I think that is me done for a while and I will catch you later when I am about to be locked in a metal tube and pointing at the sky! NYC here we come!


Take care guys! 🙂

James Fox

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  1. The internet just pointed me at your blog - been an enjoyable read esp the TM257 bits - yours the TM257 module chair @teraknor

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