I got my TMA returned before Christmas and I was so happy, I got 99% just one mark away from 100%, I made a silly mistake on question 1 where I had to calculate my average score for the first 6 chapter exams, I did the calculations correctly but for some reason I put down the wrong answer. Nevertheless I am still happy with the score I recieved it  is the highest grade I have ever had.

I am still enjoying TM257 and I was talking with my partner the other day and I said that these two modules I am doing I have not had any "boring" bits I have enjoyed all of it so far. I still find it challenging but I guess thats a good thing as it means it pushes me to do well and if I do not grasp the concept because of they way the material is written then I alway consult Google, and I do a little research of my own to try and fully understand the subject.

I will be going to the compulsary day school I think its about April this is where we can play with actual brand new Cisco equipment and set up scenarios I am looking forward to it but also a bit nervious as there is a test at the end. The other issue is that the closest day school to me is Wales which is about an 1 hour 40 minutes away.

James Fox

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