TM129 Complete

I completed and submitted my EMA for TM129 on Saturday evening. I'm not overly confident that I have done well, the EMA was a bit laborious and rather tedious, I think I should have passed as long as I get 40% then that is a pass. Of course, I would like to get a higher score.

With this EMA, for me, it didn't seem to test us on the knowledge we should have learned over the last nine months. instead, the questions were along the lines of, having to read an article and then for us to write a short document about the article along with other references. Also, the only real element that was testing us was with the Section 2 question for Question B (the networking question) where we have to set up 12 subnets and were given the address this was really the only part where I had to think about it and find out how to set up 12 subnets.

Again I am not very hopeful with this EMA as long as I pass that would be a job well done.

I will be starting stage 2 in October, I have been looking at the modules and they look rather interesting, I am a bit worried about the module TM254 - Managing IT: the why, the what and the how. The only reason why I'm worried about this is that there is an actual examination at the end of it. I don't do well in exams and that word just terrifies me, at least with an EMA if you can't understand the question or you don't really know the answer you can always look for help and guidance online with fellow students of indeed Google. Anyway, I was worried about MU123 before I started it, and I've completed that so I guess I have to start telling my self that if I can do that, I can do anything and that I should just take it in my stride.

I'm going to have a few months off now and enjoy the summer in between going to work!


Have a good summer! 🙂


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