I got an email saying that I can now apply for my part-time tuition fee loan, I looked at the modules I need to do and to be honest, none of them appeals to me, they do build on what I have learnt in previous modules but those modules were a bit of a nightmare. I am looking forward to doing TM357 Cisco Part 2, that is the only module that interests me.

Image is taken from Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noisy-channel_coding_theorem#/media/File:Channel_model.svg

I have sent a message to student support to see if I am able to change my degree, I am only really interested in computer networking, I really do not care about frequencies and how to calculate them and understanding Shannons theorem which is the theory of sending a file over a communications channel at the maximum rate with the presence of noise.  below is the mathematical model of a communications system! WTAF!  I know I must be coming across as a whining little kid, but this blog is about my experiences, thoughts and rants about what I'm doing at the OU. I will have to wait to see what student support says, I have also noticed that all of the stage 3 modules, apart from TM357 all have examinations instead of an EMA, Historically I have never done well in exams - it doesn't matter how much I revise I will always go blank as soon as I start reading the first exam questions. For me to understand anything I really need to read, re-read and then re-read again for any information to stay in my brain.

One module that may be more interesting than the others is TM353 - IT Systems: Planning for Success. this goes into the sociotechnical nature of IT systems in other words, it talks about systems such as social networking, email, blogs etc (as far as I can tell anyway). it goes into much more than just that, but I won't bore you with the details.

I will, of course, let you know what the student support team say. If I have to do these modules then I may just do one a year assuming that the SFE (student finance England) will allow that.



James Fox

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