Because I deferred TM254, I am now a year behind. This is not a bad thing but I'm not sure whether to just do the last stage 2 module which is TM254 and then enroll on the stage 3 modules in October 2021. I found doing both TM255 and TM254 hard work and I felt I was not putting my entire concentration on both modules equally, hence why I deferred. For me, these two modules together became too much work for my brain to handle. With the two I did the previous year TM257 and TT284 even though these were challenging they were easy to manage and I managed to get my TMA's and EMA's finished and handed in on time.

I want to do the stage 3 module TM357 which is the second part of the Cisco networking module TM257. This module has a residential school and 2 TMA's plus and EMA (end-of-module assessment). TM254 has 3 TMA's and instead of an EMA, it has an examination! Historically, I have not done well in examinations. Now due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the examination for TM254 was canceled. (Clearly I deferred the wrong module! lol)

I still have a couple of months before I need to make my decision and I think I know what I am going to do, but I still need to think about the impact it could have on me in terms of understanding and absorbing the course material and taking full advantage of what the module is offering instead of just half-assing it. Once I have completed TM254, assuming I pass the exam and therefore pass the module, I would be able to apply to get my foundation degree. I could, if I wanted to stop there, but I really want to see if I have what it takes to get my BSc.

I will let you know what I decide to do - if any of you are interested! lol


Have a good Sunday x

James Fox

3 thoughts on “October 2020 Modules

  1. James, I am sure that you are capable of the full degree. Life gets in the way some times, but that gives us a chance to reflect and prioritise.

    3 years ago I was a doubting 50 year old with 7 O-levels and a couple of City and Guilds thinking I was not good enough to do a degree. Now I am half way through an Honours Degree and kicking butt !!!

    I have even just changed onto the R60 Cyber Security degree and super excited about it.

    Never give up, never surrender!!

    1. Ian, Thank you, I've always been self-deprecating. I never saw my self as a university student. I am getting good grades which I am surprised at. I failed my GCSE's and went to college and retook Maths and English failed Maths again but got a C in English and English Literature. I've also got a city and guilds in Microcomputer servicing and Technology - which I don't think I have ever used! lol.

      You are getting some excellent grades too and good luck with doing your cybersecurity degree. I've always been interested in cybersecurity but I took a quick course on Udemy to see what it is like, perhaps it was just the way it was taught I found it rather boring, unfortunately. Anyway, I assume you, like I have the summer free from studying, enjoy your summer buddy! 🙂

      1. Work is crazy busy so just as well the learning has paused 😉
        Enjoy your summer too. Rest up and stay safe and well.
        TM357 and TT284 look tough going so I am gonna need to dig deep next year.

        As Churchill once said, keep buggering on !

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