It's my birthday today (41!) but I'm also unwell and off sick and the one day of the year that we have had sunshine! it usually rains on my birthday (so happy birthday to me - god obviously hates me!)

Anyway this morning I looked to see if my TMA came back and it did, I'm pleased to say the wait was worth it as I scored 98%. as this TMA was based on collaborative work my tutor said that according to my contributions to the group project I was the driving force for the team. I was pleased with this, mainly because I'm not a natural leader and I have never taken the lead before on any sort of group project.

My team was all nice people and we got on well, I had more time than the others as I'm only doing one module this year, so I didn't mind taking the lead, I just wanted to make sure that every task was completed before the cut off date and to be honest, I was getting frustrated with the time it took for the others to respond - granted that one of them became unwell so I can't hold that against them! lol

I was happy with the website that we had to create on WordPress, and thankfully each page matched up with the others so it was consistent.

James Fox

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