I recieved my TMA back the reason why it took so long to come back was due to the fact that my tutor was ill. With that said I am please to say that I scored 71%. It's not my best score but not my worst either. I am please with that as I thought that my report was utter rubbish! but I got quite good comments and feedback on it, I needed to work on my conclusion as I did not cover all of the report in it. but other than that and the mathematics question was wrong but I still got a mark for writing out my working, and my tutor gave me the correct answer and how to work it out which was nice.

I am going into block 2 now and this is all about collaboration, and we need to collaborate on TMA 2!





James Fox

10 thoughts on “TM255 - TMA 01 feedback and score finally arrived!”

    1. It's not going too bad, we have finished the site, we are now discussing the storyboards. I do think that group working in this way where we all have busy lives and are not located in the same area is hard, and I am very conscious about the time limitations as we have to complete the TMA by the 20th so I am sort of panicking, I and wondering when we will be able to critque other groups work, I have not seen any other sites appear yet.

      Hows your group project going?

      1. Just posted my critique on the group forum, just Q 5b to finish and the TMA will be on it's way.

        The group were great people, the block 2 - a real pain and one I am glad to see the back of.

      1. Good luck, let the world know how you did. Just got my TM257 TMA02 - 100%. Some days are better than others. Today was a good day.

        1. Will do buddy, probably won’t be as good as yours but as long as I pass!

          I enjoyed TM257 and I got good scores on my TMA’s, my highest was 99 but well done on full marks!!

  1. Did you get you Mark's back for TMA02? Struggling to focus on TMA03 in the current climate as work demands go through the roof.

    1. Nope, I'm still waiting, I've emailed my tutor twice and heard nothing! I've now sent an email to student support.

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