TMA 04 Marked!

TMA 04 Result


I have just had my 4th TMA marked and sent back I got 75/100 I am really pleased with this score, Shena said that if my work carries on the way it is then I will pass the module comfortably.  My assessment summary is below. This score has given me a confidence boost, and it turns out I'm not as stupid as I think I am.

It goes to show that if I apply myself I can achieve my goals, I just wish I thought of this when I was at school.

Preserving Data

In Block 3 Part 4 Session 1 and 2, I have learnt the importance of preserving data. By preserving data I don't just mean backing up my own personal files, I mean the bigger picture for preserving our digital world for many generations to see and appreciate.

Imagine if we never preserved and protected our many material historical documents and works, we never kept records of important events, such as the World Wars or kept hold of now, world famous painting such as the Mona Lisa which is in The Louvre, France which has been hanging there since 1757. The same goes with our digital data, everything is on some kind of digital medium in the 21st century, this is why it is so important to look after it.

Digital storage medium all have life spans, ZDnet made up a lifespan of such medium devices which is very interesting to see.

  • Hard Disks - 3 - 6 years (computer hard disk)
  • Magnetic tape - 10 -20 years (computer data backup)
  • Magnetic disks - 1 -5 years (floppy disks)
  • Optical Disks - 10 - 100 years (DVD)
  • Static memory - 50 - 100  years (digital camera memory card)

These results are very intriguing, of course there are other factors that need to be considered such as how the medium is stored, used and how it is looked after. I have had hard drives that are still going strong after 10 years, they are not used everyday which also keeps the hard disk in better shape which in turn will last longer.

It goes to show that static memory is the way forward and we now have solid state drives which run and access data at ridiculously fast speeds, and of course they don't have moving parts so less wear and tear and a lot less heat.


TMA03 Marked!

TMA 03 Result

I had my third TMA back from Shena today, my score was 63 I was a bit disappointed with it although I thought I might get a lower score. It seemed that I made quite a few silly mistakes, for example not reading the questions properly and referencing incorrectly. My summary is below.

I will take the feedback and hopefully learn from it