MU123 TMA 02 Returned

I've had TMA 02 sent back, I am please to say I scored 86%, This is a lower score than I my first TMA but I am pleased with it, this TMA had a lot of algebra and solving equations and simplifying expressions, (I still haven't got the hang of simplifying expressions yet)

I am now going to be starting TMA 03 looking at it, is making me feel a bit sick!


Thoughts on modules

I've started TM129 and MU123, to be honest I am enjoying MU123 more than I thought, don't get me wrong I still find maths difficult, but the way in which the books explain things they make it easy for me to understand. I have been having problems with prime numbers and prime factors, they are quite baffling!

TM129 is very interesting, I'm finding RobotLab a bit challenging, but I have never been overly confident in programming. I am looking for to block 2 and 3 in these blocks I will be studying networking and Linux.


MU123, is a very well put together module and it explains concepts in simple terms that I can understand. They don't expect you to know any form of mathematics and the books explain it with easy to follow examples, and there are also video clips which help to explain some of the examples in a clear way. Thorough out the book you are tasked with activities which will test you on the stuff you have learn throughout the units, I have found that if I don't understand a topic, for instance, I had a big issue with how to solve algebraic equations. I am part of a facebook group so I could post questions on there and they are really helpful, I  can of course speak to my tutor, he is a good guy, when we go to his face to face tutorials he makes it interesting and he also makes us laugh which is always a bonus for me.

So, my point was, for me, there are more than enough resources to ask to get answers to questions. I can solve equations now however, I need to practice and practice some more! I handed in my second TMA on the 17th December, So I am waiting for that to come back. I'm not going to lie, I will be glad when MU123 is done, my brain has not worked so hard in its life, I am basically learning everything from scratch. I never really learned anything in my maths class, mainly because I didn't understand the subject and another reason was that the teacher was more interested in helping the pupils who were top of the class. I got a grade U in my GCSE maths, and I retook the subject at college and still got a U, it was then I realised that maths and I were not going to be friends!

To be honest I would not of chosen to do maths now, but I have to do this module as part of my BSc degree. I know I seem to be a character of contradictions but I think maths and I have a love hate relationship and at the moment I love it (mainly because I am understanding it more) I am just about half way through Unit 7 which is about equations and inequalities I am finding it a challenge, but a challenge I am enjoying.

One last note, I tend to spend most of my study time on MU123 and I tend to race through TM129 on the weekend. I seems to work for me.


After starting this module, It was all about robotics, which I thought I would find really interesting, I was wrong. I did not enjoy it at all but I persevered and completed it and the TMA and got 90% I don't really understand why this block was on this module, the next two blocks are Networking and Linux, these two areas go together but the Robotics has no place really in my mind anyway. I am not going to be starting the networking block so I am really hoping that I will enjoy that, I want to become a network administrator so I know some of the terms and some protocols which are used.