I haven't post on here for a while, I have been busy dong my 5th TMA which I am glad to say I have finished. I am going to read through it again over the weekend and probably submit it tomorrow evening.

I am a bit behind on block 4 Part 5, each session on this part is long, I had every intent to do a lot last night, but I had something to eat and then fell asleep on the sofa! I will continue with the studying when I get home from work today and power through the rest of this part so I can move on to Block 5.


In block 4 I am learning about virtual worlds and how they can be useful in the real world applications, such as training military people, it was a game
simulation called America's Army which as all the weapons, and strategies of real life combat situations, it is now available world wide through steam, I have downloaded it but not played it yet.

TMA 04 Marked!

TMA 04 Result


I have just had my 4th TMA marked and sent back I got 75/100 I am really pleased with this score, Shena said that if my work carries on the way it is then I will pass the module comfortably.  My assessment summary is below. This score has given me a confidence boost, and it turns out I'm not as stupid as I think I am.

It goes to show that if I apply myself I can achieve my goals, I just wish I thought of this when I was at school.