It has been about a month since I started these two modules TM255 and TM254, I knew that stage two was going to be a step up but I am pretty sure that I can't cope with both of these modules at the same time.

One of the main reasons for this is work commitments, I am doing more things at work which I also have to learn and I am working longer hours as well. To be honest it is al overwhelming to me to juggle work life and then come home and struggle to complete both modules and I feel that if I concentrate on one module then I will get better grades and not just half arse it.

I have made the right decision, and I have deferred TM254 until next year, this of course means that I will be with the OU for an extra year, But you need to do whats right for you.


TM255 however, is rather a boring module and by the sounds of the other students comments, they all feel the same. There is also a collaborative project in stage two which also contributes to the completion of TMA02, I am not looking forward to that either. I know I'm moaning alot on this post but with any university degree there are going to be modules that you are just not going to enjoy, I guess the only thing you can do is persevere with it, do your best, and hope you pass the module comfortably.


James Fox

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