It has been a struggle, a steep learning curve and a challenging task, but I have completed TU100. I submitted my end of module assignment (which is now called TMA06 - I don't know why the decided to change the name !)

Over the last two months I have had a lot on my plate, my father who lives in the Philippines was ill and decided to come back home, it turned out he had terminal cancer of the bowel which has spread to his liver, stomach and lungs. He is getting weaker by the day he is now bed bound and we think he has days left, he is on palliative care. So with all this going on I have been trying to do TU100 and also complete the TMA, I of course let my tutor know what was going on and I also filled out a special circumstances form for the university just so they know why my work may be shite!!

I really thought that I might of had to submit my TMA without completing it, at the time of telling my tutor about my situation I had already completed tasks 2,3 and 4 she said that if I had completed those tasks then the Likelihood would be that I would have passed the module, I only need to get 30% to pass. I really wanted to complete it for my sake more than anything. I have had to travel down to Surrey most weekends to be with my father, so my work has been suffering a bit.

I  came back from Sarah's yesterday (being bank holiday Monday) and I got home in the adternoon I then went up stairs and it took me a while to get into Task 5 which was about argument mapping - which I found boring when we were studying it in the block, but I tried to get dad out of my mind and before I knew it I had completed it.

I had a quick look through my work and for me it read fine and was well laid out, I'm not sure how task one is going to be as I have come a bit short of the word count which should be no more than 1100 words but I have done 936.

Anyway I have submitted it and I should get my result in July. I hope I have past otherwise I will have to resist it in September.

I have applied for more student finance and I have enrolled in my next two modules the first of which is "Technologies in Practice" this incorporates robotics, networking and Linux which I am really looking forward to. The other module I have had to enrol is "Discovering Mathematics" I am not really looking forward to this as me and maths are not the best of friends but luckily Richard is really good st it so he can help me. I will be back in October to start my new chapter, see you then!

James Fox

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