Final thoughts on MU123

I have finished my EMA and submitted it, studying MU123 has been somewhat bittersweet for me, there have been lots of aspects that I have not understood whatsoever, and others that I found easy. I'm glad that I have finished the course and I'm quietly confident that I have passed.

This module was 30 credits, I would have thought it should have been 60 credits. I spent more time with MU123 than I did with my other module TM129. MU123 had 4 TMA's and 4 iCMA's plus the EMA it was a lot of work to do especially in conjunction with TM129 which only had 3 TMA's plus the EMA (Which I am still doing now, I need to submit it on Tuesday 5th June) also I work long hours as well so for the last nine months I have been going to work, coming home and then going up to my study and that where I have been until I went to bed.

I know this may sound like I'm bitching, but I just want to make it known for anyone who is wanting to do this degree, do so only if you really think you have enough spare time. I was thinking, when stage 2 starts I was going to start the first module in October and then start the other module in February, at least then it would be staggered. The more I thought about this, the more I'm thinking this is not a wise choice, at least with studying two modules at the same time, I will finish the end of may or beginning of June thus having the summer off to enjoy myself. With staggering the modules I will not have any time off studying.

Stage 2 is a big jump up from stage 1 and I think I will need to prepare myself, I need to study four modules altogether and one of which has an examination at the end instead of an End of Module Assignment. Historically I have not done well in exams and I am starting to hyperventilate just thinking about it.

On a lighter note, I am going to finish the EMA for TM129 today with any luck and then submit that and tomorrow my partner, Richard our friend Nathan and myself are either going to the botanical gardens in Bristol or we are going to for a cycle ride to Bath, weather permitting.

Have a good weekend!


TM129 TMA 03 Returned!

I woke up to find that my TMA has been marked, I'm pleased to say that I scored 88%, I lost one mark on the ePortfolio activities because I did not reflect enough on the soft skills I have demonstrated, but apart from a few silly errors, I am very pleased with it.

I have started my EMA now, so I will spend the weekend doing that. and hopefully, if all goes well I should finish it by next week sometime. I will then submit it along with my EMA for MU123 and that is it for the summer.


MU123 TMA 04 Returned!

I haven't posted much on here recently as I've had nothing that interesting to say (not saying that I say any interesting in the first place!)

I'm pleased with the score I got for TMA 04 - 85%. I found this TMA easier than TMA 03  and so I zoomed through it, to be honest, I wasn't expecting a result like this.

I know that no one reads this blog and it's not really intended for anyone to read, however, if you are reading this and thinking of doing an Open University degree, and you are concerned that you are not smart enough, then look at me. I did dreadfully in school and failed all of my exams because I never applied myself. Don't get me wrong I have to work hard to understand the concepts, especially in MU123 but I can do it, also I'm now paying for it so if you're like me then you will force your self to concentrate and do well.

Even now, when I am nearly at the end of stage one, I still think whether I am making the right decision and moving forward onto stage two, as this is when it gets much harder. I still have to do two modules concurrently which makes it hard to juggle things around and to hand in TMA's on time, I  stop and really think whether I should move on to doing the degree. I soon snap myself out of it and tell myself that I can do it. when I start my new modules in October I will soon let you know how I'm getting on! What this space.



MU123 TMA03 Marked

I got my assignment back, it' the lowest score I have got in my TMA for MU123 but it is still a pass, I scraped by with 72%. I wasn't expecting a really good score with this TMA mainly because it was a massive headache for me, and in-depth. My GMC is good and I got full marks for that, GMC meaning "Good Mathematical Communication".

I am about to start TMA04 which again looks like a beast and I can see I am going to have some meltdowns! bring on the tantrums!

After that I will have the EMA to complete then I'm done until October 2018 when I start my next module for stage 2, that's when things start to heat up.



TM129 - TMA02 Returned

I got my TMA result back form TM129 and I'm glad to say that I scored 88%, 2 marks below my first TMA but overall not a bad score, considering I thought that it was badly written but my tutor seemed to like it.

I dropped a few marks with grammar and finding out the network address and few other issues. My tutor said that the constructive criticism is minor in nature but still something I need to work on, I also dropped a few marks with my e-Portfolio, I struggle with the reflective element, to be honest, I don't know what to write half the time. I guess I need to think harder about what I've learned over the weeks in doing the blocks. Maybe I can write stuff down as I'm going if I think of anything?


MU123 TMA03

It has been a struggle, but I have finally finished my 3rd TMA for MU123. I have never completed anything so bloody difficult. I don't know how I've done I know for a fact I have got qustion 3 wrong. I had to make "k" the subject of the equation and for some reason I could not get my head round it. I tried to search on the internet of how to make the a variable the subject but to no avail, I read and re-read the course  material went on the Facebook group and discord group I'm a member of but it is still not going in to my brain.

I asked my tutor for an extension because I didn't think I would complete it in time, but I acutally completed it today and it doesn't have to be handed in until Tuesday. This is the second time that I have asked him for an extension; first was for TMA02 and the other was for this one, and both times I have managed to finish it without needing the extension. I hope it doesn't go against me on my record or something. I wouldn't of thought it would as I am a mature student and not a teenager, I have a busy life and spend a great deal of it at work. I would say that the OU are used to people wanting extensions, I think they will prefer that than just not say anything and don't submit it.


I really am not enjoying MU123 (I like it when I get it) but that doesnt happen that much, I cant wait for this module to be over.

I am a week in front with TM129 I am enjoying that module, the third block is Linux, they are using Ubuntu as the OS of choice which is great. I have used Ubuntu for many years, I am actually typing this on my little laptop which runs Ubuntu 16.04 LTS I started with Ubuntu about witn 9.04. it has never been my main OS but I am using it more and more as time goes on. It is very stable as long as you dont do stupid things that you dont for wordpress screenshot


Welcome to my blog


I'm not a blogger by all means.

I decided to embark on an Open University degree namely a BSc (Hons) in Computing and IT. I have started this WordPress site to write down my thoughts, my tribulations, my concerns and my frustrations, my triumphs, and my failures.

If you have found this blog and have decided to read it, you are, of course, more than welcome. but I also apologize for my grammar.

My course is in 3 stages, creatively enough, named stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3. as of writing this post I have completed one module called TU100 (My Digital Life) which was a 60 credit module. I got a score of 85% which is distinction level, I was very pleased and chuffed with my self for being able to get a score like that.

At the time of writing this post, I have started (back in October last year) 2 30 credit modules one called, TM129 (Technologies in Practice) this module incorporates robotics, networking, and Linux. The other module is called MU123 (Discovering Mathematics) I have been finding this a real challenge!.

After these two modules are finished I will have the summer off and then embark on stage 2 of my OU adventure!




I haven't written on here for a few weeks, these two modules (mainly MU123) are keeping me busy, thankfully I am at a place in the module material that I understand. This puts me in a good mood and does not make me want to throw my books, and my calculator out of the window, go out into the garden and stamp on them, pour petrol over them and then carelessly drop a match on them (too far?).

I am enjoying TU129, I have submitted my TMA for it, well, for the networking block anyway. I have one more block to do which is Linux, I started it the other day, but didn't get far as I needed to concentrate on TMA03 for MU123 (which I am still in the middle of doing and it needs to be handed in by the 6th March) I think I have done ok I won't really know until I get the TMA back marked. It was quite a short assignment with only 4 questions. one of which was to work out what the network address is if you have an IPv4 address of, with a subnet mask of There was a section in the textbook "Microsoft Windows Networking Essentials" where it told you and showed you how to work that out, it wasn't the easiest thing to get my head around but I think I have done it correctly.

I, as you all know (if anyone has actually found this blog and decided to read it) find mathematics a big headache I really find it hard, it makes me wonder why I'm doing it sometimes. All the other people on this module seems to get exactly what they are doing and understand the key concepts. I, on the other hand really have to study hard to understand it and even then I don't always get it. A prime example is on TMA03. Question 3 asks us to make a variable the subject of the equation! this question is only 5 marks which is nothing with some of the other questions which are 18 to 25 or even 30 marks. For some reason I have cannot get my head around making a variable the subject of the equation I won't write down what the equation is on here as I know what to get accused of some sort of collusion. I can't understand why you would need to change where one of the variables go, so what I mean is if the equation is. 10r=12e/13-21 so if I want to make e the subject of the equation then I have to get e on its own on the left-hand side where 10r is. It is driving me mad, I have looked online and I appear to be doing it right however if I make the variable the subject, I can then substitute a value for let's say, e is now the subject so, e=3 I then substitute that value into the right-hand side of the first equation and whatever the answer is, would be the value for r in the second equation, if I then sub in that value for r the what the answer is should be the original value for e.

It is all very confusing I should be speaking with my tutor tomorrow and hopefully I will have a better understanding and will be able to sort that question out.

I think I have gone on long enough! I'm off to bed.




MU123 TMA 02 Returned

I've had TMA 02 sent back, I am please to say I scored 86%, This is a lower score than I my first TMA but I am pleased with it, this TMA had a lot of algebra and solving equations and simplifying expressions, (I still haven't got the hang of simplifying expressions yet)

I am now going to be starting TMA 03 looking at it, is making me feel a bit sick!


Thoughts on modules

I've started TM129 and MU123, to be honest I am enjoying MU123 more than I thought, don't get me wrong I still find maths difficult, but the way in which the books explain things they make it easy for me to understand. I have been having problems with prime numbers and prime factors, they are quite baffling!

TM129 is very interesting, I'm finding RobotLab a bit challenging, but I have never been overly confident in programming. I am looking for to block 2 and 3 in these blocks I will be studying networking and Linux.


MU123, is a very well put together module and it explains concepts in simple terms that I can understand. They don't expect you to know any form of mathematics and the books explain it with easy to follow examples, and there are also video clips which help to explain some of the examples in a clear way. Thorough out the book you are tasked with activities which will test you on the stuff you have learn throughout the units, I have found that if I don't understand a topic, for instance, I had a big issue with how to solve algebraic equations. I am part of a facebook group so I could post questions on there and they are really helpful, I  can of course speak to my tutor, he is a good guy, when we go to his face to face tutorials he makes it interesting and he also makes us laugh which is always a bonus for me.

So, my point was, for me, there are more than enough resources to ask to get answers to questions. I can solve equations now however, I need to practice and practice some more! I handed in my second TMA on the 17th December, So I am waiting for that to come back. I'm not going to lie, I will be glad when MU123 is done, my brain has not worked so hard in its life, I am basically learning everything from scratch. I never really learned anything in my maths class, mainly because I didn't understand the subject and another reason was that the teacher was more interested in helping the pupils who were top of the class. I got a grade U in my GCSE maths, and I retook the subject at college and still got a U, it was then I realised that maths and I were not going to be friends!

To be honest I would not of chosen to do maths now, but I have to do this module as part of my BSc degree. I know I seem to be a character of contradictions but I think maths and I have a love hate relationship and at the moment I love it (mainly because I am understanding it more) I am just about half way through Unit 7 which is about equations and inequalities I am finding it a challenge, but a challenge I am enjoying.

One last note, I tend to spend most of my study time on MU123 and I tend to race through TM129 on the weekend. I seems to work for me.


After starting this module, It was all about robotics, which I thought I would find really interesting, I was wrong. I did not enjoy it at all but I persevered and completed it and the TMA and got 90% I don't really understand why this block was on this module, the next two blocks are Networking and Linux, these two areas go together but the Robotics has no place really in my mind anyway. I am not going to be starting the networking block so I am really hoping that I will enjoy that, I want to become a network administrator so I know some of the terms and some protocols which are used.