TMA 06 Marked! Module Results are in!

I've Passed!

I have been worried about my module result as I thought that my EMA was rather rushed due to the circumstances I found my self in. I am pleased to say that I past the module comfortably.

You don't get much in the way of feedback but they tell you if you have done something wrong they just don't really say what! I will of course most my module result letter and the feedback as well as my completed EMA or for some reason they called this EMA TMA06, god knows why it was and End of Module assignment so why not call it what it is?

This result has given me a confidence boost as I know, now, that I can accomplish anything even if I have a load of crap coming at me from different angles.

My overall task score was set as "Value A' which means a score of 85 -100% I got a couple of value B's which is 70 - 85% i think but overall I am so pleased and proud of myself.

End of the first chapter

It has been a struggle, a steep learning curve and a challenging task, but I have completed TU100. I submitted my end of module assignment (which is now called TMA06 - I don't know why the decided to change the name !)

Over the last two months I have had a lot on my plate, my father who lives in the Philippines was ill and decided to come back home, it turned out he had terminal cancer of the bowel which has spread to his liver, stomach and lungs. He is getting weaker by the day he is now bed bound and we think he has days left, he is on palliative care. So with all this going on I have been trying to do TU100 and also complete the TMA, I of course let my tutor know what was going on and I also filled out a special circumstances form for the university just so they know why my work may be shite!!

I really thought that I might of had to submit my TMA without completing it, at the time of telling my tutor about my situation I had already completed tasks 2,3 and 4 she said that if I had completed those tasks then the Likelihood would be that I would have passed the module, I only need to get 30% to pass. I really wanted to complete it for my sake more than anything. I have had to travel down to Surrey most weekends to be with my father, so my work has been suffering a bit.

I  came back from Sarah's yesterday (being bank holiday Monday) and I got home in the adternoon I then went up stairs and it took me a while to get into Task 5 which was about argument mapping - which I found boring when we were studying it in the block, but I tried to get dad out of my mind and before I knew it I had completed it.

I had a quick look through my work and for me it read fine and was well laid out, I'm not sure how task one is going to be as I have come a bit short of the word count which should be no more than 1100 words but I have done 936.

Anyway I have submitted it and I should get my result in July. I hope I have past otherwise I will have to resist it in September.

I have applied for more student finance and I have enrolled in my next two modules the first of which is "Technologies in Practice" this incorporates robotics, networking and Linux which I am really looking forward to. The other module I have had to enrol is "Discovering Mathematics" I am not really looking forward to this as me and maths are not the best of friends but luckily Richard is really good st it so he can help me. I will be back in October to start my new chapter, see you then!

Block 6 Part 1 Session 1 Activity 4 (Exploratory)


By looking at the graph shown in the link above there seems to be a link or correlation between the nations internet access and the countries wealth. With the scatter chart as the points are clumped together will usually suggest a correlation with the data. if there was no correlation the data would be sporadically spaced on the chart.


Activity 17 (self-assessment) Data Protection Act (DPA)

The ICO produces lots of guidance on how the DPA should be interpreted in different situations. Follow the links below to a selection of these guidance documents and read the advice given. Once you are happy that you have understood the guidelines, consider each scenario and write a couple of sentences in response, as directed.

Scenario 1

You attend a school production and take some photographs of the children on stage. The school’s head teacher hears that you have some good photographs and contacts you to ask if they can be used on the school website. Flattered by the request, you supply three photos, which are uploaded to the website along with details of the budding performers.

Explain whether or not you have complied with the Data Protection Act.

As long as the children and/or their parents/guardians have given their permission then this would not be covered by the act, if the permission has not been sought then this would affect the act.

Scenario 2

Your mother is taken into hospital and will have to stay for several days. When you go to visit, you ask her if there is anything you can do to help. She is concerned about paying her credit card bill and asks you to contact the bank to find out what her outstanding balance is. At the end of visiting hours you leave, taking her credit card details with you. You phone the helpline number, explain the situation and request her balance.

Explain whether, within the rules of the DPA, the bank can tell you her balance.

Under the data protection act the bank would not be allowed to tell your her balance even if you have all the necessary information for them, as you could have got the information fraudulently.

Scenario 3

You work for an organisation that holds personal information about children. You have a work deadline approaching, so you decide to copy some data onto a memory stick. You will not be sharing the data with anyone else – it is for your personal use so that you can complete your work at home.

Explain whether putting this data on your memory stick complies with the DPA.

Under the DPA you if you copy information that contains personal details onto a memory stick, the DPA requires that data to still be secure, so you should password protect the files just in case you lose it. as soon as you have finished with the data, it should be destroyed immediately.

Scenario 4

You are helping a friend to sort out the estate of a recently deceased relative. One of the tasks you have taken on is to arrange cancellation of the deceased’s mobile phone contract. You contact the phone company, only to be told that they are unable to discuss customer accounts with anyone other than the customer unless previously authorised. You explain that the customer is unable to give authorisation, but they continue to state that they are unable to discuss the matter with you.

According to the DPA, is the phone company correct to withhold the information?

If the person is deceased, the DPA does not come into effect in this case and the information can be released, however the phone company will need proof that the person in question is in fact deceased. they will need a death certificate or something like that for them to release the information. If they release the information without making sure that the person in question is in fact dead, they would then be in breach of the DPA.







I haven't post on here for a while, I have been busy dong my 5th TMA which I am glad to say I have finished. I am going to read through it again over the weekend and probably submit it tomorrow evening.

I am a bit behind on block 4 Part 5, each session on this part is long, I had every intent to do a lot last night, but I had something to eat and then fell asleep on the sofa! I will continue with the studying when I get home from work today and power through the rest of this part so I can move on to Block 5.


In block 4 I am learning about virtual worlds and how they can be useful in the real world applications, such as training military people, it was a game
simulation called America's Army which as all the weapons, and strategies of real life combat situations, it is now available world wide through steam, I have downloaded it but not played it yet.

TMA 04 Marked!

TMA 04 Result


I have just had my 4th TMA marked and sent back I got 75/100 I am really pleased with this score, Shena said that if my work carries on the way it is then I will pass the module comfortably.  My assessment summary is below. This score has given me a confidence boost, and it turns out I'm not as stupid as I think I am.

It goes to show that if I apply myself I can achieve my goals, I just wish I thought of this when I was at school.

Preserving Data

In Block 3 Part 4 Session 1 and 2, I have learnt the importance of preserving data. By preserving data I don't just mean backing up my own personal files, I mean the bigger picture for preserving our digital world for many generations to see and appreciate.

Imagine if we never preserved and protected our many material historical documents and works, we never kept records of important events, such as the World Wars or kept hold of now, world famous painting such as the Mona Lisa which is in The Louvre, France which has been hanging there since 1757. The same goes with our digital data, everything is on some kind of digital medium in the 21st century, this is why it is so important to look after it.

Digital storage medium all have life spans, ZDnet made up a lifespan of such medium devices which is very interesting to see.

  • Hard Disks - 3 - 6 years (computer hard disk)
  • Magnetic tape - 10 -20 years (computer data backup)
  • Magnetic disks - 1 -5 years (floppy disks)
  • Optical Disks - 10 - 100 years (DVD)
  • Static memory - 50 - 100  years (digital camera memory card)

These results are very intriguing, of course there are other factors that need to be considered such as how the medium is stored, used and how it is looked after. I have had hard drives that are still going strong after 10 years, they are not used everyday which also keeps the hard disk in better shape which in turn will last longer.

It goes to show that static memory is the way forward and we now have solid state drives which run and access data at ridiculously fast speeds, and of course they don't have moving parts so less wear and tear and a lot less heat.


TMA03 Marked!

TMA 03 Result

I had my third TMA back from Shena today, my score was 63 I was a bit disappointed with it although I thought I might get a lower score. It seemed that I made quite a few silly mistakes, for example not reading the questions properly and referencing incorrectly. My summary is below.

I will take the feedback and hopefully learn from it