TT284 TMA 02 Returned

I received my TMA back today and I am pleased to say that I scored 82%. As with most of my TMA's I am surprised that I got a high mark I didn't think my report was that great and to be fair it was my report that dropped the most marks. I am one of  these people who constantly doubt my own abilities and then when I do well I'm surprised.

I don't think I will ever stop criticising my self I guess it's just how I am made!

I have started Block 3 now, I've just finished part 1 which was talking about mobile devices and their limitations in terms of mobile applications. I will start part 2 tomorrow evening

TMA02 Marked!

TMA 02 Result

I have received my second TMA marked, with a good score of 86% which is a score of 43/50. I am really pleased with this and it gives me more confidence to do well in other TMA's. I know this may sound likeI am "bigging" my self up, but I am so pleased that I have done well in this TMA, I never tried at school and always thought that I would never amount to anything.

I hope studying this module will prove me wrong.